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"They can work on our problems immediately."

– Gary Montrezza and Nicholas Bate

"I love these guys! They really know their stuff.  EBCS has taken care of our computers for over 10 years.  They are reliable, honest and friendly.  I have called them on holidays, weekend and after hours and they have always taken care of our computer issues in a timely manner."

– Bru A. El Sobrante, CA

"EBCS stepped in when a larger corporation did not have time for a small company. They have been very helpful and understanding meeting the needs of our organization. Rebuilding our server and getting our system back up was paramount to our work and we are thankful to have them as our support team."

– B A. Oakland, CA

"These guys rock! I have been in IT services for over 25 years in both corporate and the small to mid-size business environments. There’s a delicate balance between cost and service and these guys have hit it on the sweet spot. The Techs are superiorly trained with a manager/owner that is a trained technician but…"

– Kevin B. Alameda, CA

"I have been a very satisfied and loyal customer of EBCS since 2009. And boy have they been lifesavers on at least a dozen occasions. Whether looking for computer or networking help for your home or small business or larger IT projects including multiple-server rollout and virtualization, Don and his team are a great resource."

– Chris M. Santa Monica, CA

"Best IT service! Reliable, knowledgeable, and always there when we need help!"

– Bar R. Tarzana, CA

"I’ve had quite a few computer issues with my home laptops and desktops over the years and EBCS has always worked wonders. I’ve never gotten anything back unrepaired, and they always give back your old hard drive if you have a new one installed. Really awesome, competent, and just plain nice folks."

– Nobody H.

"My friend who I used to call to help me with my computers moved to Seattle and I had a problem installing an OS on a machine. There were BIOS and drivers things that needed to be done, and it was beyond what I could do. I chose these guys from the ‘net and made…"

– John M. Oakland, CA

"These guys helped our law office with a last-minute Server 2003 issue. They identified the fix quickly and accurately. They also let us know about our options for upgrading our server. We weren’t ready to upgrade, but we are glad that they will be there for us in the future."

– Austin H. Oakland, CA

"About a year ago, the guy who managed and designed our brand new file server up and quit. I was asked to take over the server in his stead. I was also told that we would be bringing on some outside help. That outside help was EBCS. I am very good with a computer but…"

– Nick S. San Francisco, CA

"I Went in Last week and was instantly greeted by Arnaldo,I usually pay everything online to avoid the salesman trying to get me to buy products I do not need but actually sold me on a few things that I did need and spent the time explaining and answering my questions. He has Great people…"

– Julia M

"They can talk Geek to me. I feel we communicate very well with each other. If I don’t understand they explain it very well."

– Marisol Ramos, Formally of the Transportation and Land Use Coalition

"What I like about them … I was able to work with them and learn a lot.  They listen to my suggestions as well as me listening to theirs.  That makes a big difference.  Those things have helped a lot, as opposed to someone working on the system and not telling us what was going…"

– Brunetta Armstrong, Temple Sinai

"You don’t value IT services until you need it.  It is like life insurance.  You hope no one collects. I can’t afford to have my servers down.  It is a good investment.  As finicky as this equipment is, I can’t afford to have something fail because I didn’t do everything I could to keep it…"

– Mike Rice, VR Strategies

"With our monthly contracted billing we get a discount on the hourly rate, and it is reasonable."

– Jay Rothstein, Cerebral Palsy Center

"We have our tech’s cell phone and I guess they have things set up so that he is in control of his own time. He‘s been responsive.  We like our guy."

– Randy Borden, Borden Lighting

"Since 2001 we’ve dealt with thousands of companies and almost a million of specific IT related issues…"

– Walter Cronkate

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