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The Future of Office Telecommunications

The Future of Office Telecommunications

Where are we now after the first year of massive telecommunications? For the most part we are working on the same software, which runs about the same way. The biggest change is security and administer skills at using the security.

The meeting bomb days are over unless your admin does not know how to set the rules and run the controls. There have been some other admin improvements allowing for larger events and display control that deserve appreciation. But most of us have spent the times staring at the flat screen while playing a weird version of Hollywood Squares.

We have backgrounds from outer space and a lawyer done up as a cat.  None of which seems to make the experience anything like sitting around a conference table.  Unless we get some kind of incredibly better virtual reality, an online meeting will not give us much better, and will not replace meeting in person.

That said, we have all gotten better at meeting each in our own camera box. For the most part folk have learned to have the light and microphone in front and to keep the background simple. If they have written a book, you'll see it on the shelf behind them.

Reopening, Hardware Updates & Telecommunication Integration

As we start to open offices and classrooms back up, I think we will find ourselves using these teleconferencing tools in a more blended setting.

One of our clients is setting up its training classrooms all with tele conferencing as we expect the instructors and some of the students in person, while other trainers and trainees will be there over the wire. This was done before, and should continue.  The fact that many users now have much more experience meeting on line under their belt will change practices much more than any change in tech or software.

My guess is that the sharable electronic white board will be less used and most will opt for a shared screen from a presenter's laptop.

Telecommunication Software Services and Applications

I do not see any change in the software offered. Google and Microsoft will stay in the game and will continue to make using their product complicated because they are relentless in keeping customers all logged on using their accounts.  Facebook will have something to offer and will both compliment and compete.

Zoom and Webex will have a future. Both are good software with brilliant features, and one does not need to be logged on with their account to just take a call. They certainly both deserve the ease-of-use award.

I would expect improvements from another direction: internet speed. We are seeing a jump in what speeds are provided.  There will be a hardware upgrade in routers and wireless to catch up. 


Let East Bay Computer Services assist your business with securing, protecting and if necessary, enhancing the network you need to host your telecommunication platform at the newly re-opened office and home office in 2021 and beyond.

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