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Navigating 20 Years of Constant Change in IT

Because providing office computer support is an exercise in walking on shifting sands, East Bay Computer Services works to help your company chart a course through the next 10 years.

20 Years of Constant Change

We have been supporting office computers since 1998. The technology was changing then and it is still in flux now. Back when we started, networking was new enough that one of our rules was to always have an extra couple network cards in our bags because new computers still shipped without one. Today, I always have a Wireless Access Point with me.

In that same time, we have gone through Windows NT, 95, 98, 2000, Millennium, XP, 7, 8 and 10. That is the simplified list. Products from other companies have come, gone and evolved.

And there were how many types of smart phone?

That leaves the IT support service swimming with the current at times. We have to acquire professional expertise in most common products coming onto the market while at the same time we need to have a generic view of what our clients do with their setups so that we are ready for the next generation of software and equipment.

Acquire Professional IT Services with East Bay Computer Services

East Bay Computer Services help our clients manage change. When we set them up with an upgrade, obsolescence is probably only 5 to 7 years away. Parts of any setup will probably need to be upgraded before that.

As the technology upgrades, so does the on-line theft and vandalism. Ransomware has become a common issue deploying more and more sophisticated malicious software. As new backup systems become available, we work with our clients to see what works for them so that if they are hit with ransomware, they have a full, protected copy of all of their data.

What does that mean now?

Internet service is coming faster and faster. Much of the internal wiring, routers and wireless access points do not meet the new speeds. Some of it does not meet the new standards TCP/IP 6.

More and more networking is being done over the internet to cloud services. That requires some different types of server-less configurations and it makes internet outages unacceptable. To deal with that we have been setting up more and more of our clients with two internet service providers to enjoy increased bandwidth and automatic failover.

Many clients have good reasons to keep using a server on site. That may be some kind of business critical database, such as estimating software, or the need to have high performance in opening large files over a network, such as graphic design. Often those same companies have moved their email and some services to the cloud. These blended setups can be tricky to set up, requiring that once again we have expertise in the old and new systems.

In many ways we do not know what it means other than it means to expect change.


Let East Bay Computer Services assist your business with navigating the next 20 years of changing technologies.

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