Running Your Company on the Cloud

Running Your Company on the Cloud

We have been providing remote access and internet based services to our clients long before the term cloud computing came into use. That was often web based email, and remote access to files along with a service for client tracking.

All that time we used such tools for ourselves starting with was is now called Remote Desktop and originally went under the name of Terminal Server. Once we started using an internet website service for our billing and tracking we became a company with no need of our office. By the time we closed it, we were already working with a virtual office through cloud computing from the road, our homes and the client sites.

Beyond the obvious savings of rent and such, becoming a company with its only office being in the cloud helped us focus more on client service. It also made us more diciplined using such things as our internal scheudle, our shared client notes and of course the billing software. With that dicipline came better quality and efficinecy. When a client needs a reciept or a duplicate invoice, we always know where it is or if we don’t have it because our electronic files are our only files.

We still enjoy our meetings and they are very productive as we sit together with our laptops in our favorite local coffee shop through cloud computing.

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