How Our Company Can Help the Non-profit Organization Planning

How Our Company Can Help the Non-profit Organization Planning

All non-profit companies should have an IT plan for their current use and future upgrades.  This is especially important for the Non Profit customer where reports, fundraising and budget planning are an important part of successful management.

Three important components of having a good non-profit IT plan is to know what you do with your computers, why you have them, what exactly you have and what you will be growing into as setups inevitably become dated in less than a decade.

The rhythms of our maintenance level service includes keeping a systematic eye on the notes.  We call that network documentation and this company does it with a check list.  That list is both a summary of what you do have and a comparison to what most non-profit office networks should have.

Documentation is also a time saver so that when changes, upgrades, additions and troubleshooting are needed, the client and the techs have setup, password and account information right at hand.

When it comes time to decide what your non-profit’s computer use plan should be, these notes becomes a key document.  With it a planner can jump straight to looking a the future knowing exactly what they have, what they are doing with it and what assets can be  counted on to move forward.

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