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Computer Services for HEALTHCARE

Computer Services for Healthcare

In our view quality IT Computer Services for Healthcare includes excellent client communications, clearly explaining what we feel should be done and providing prompt billing and reports to the client. We also keep excellent records so that every action is documented. Providing regular inspections helps us discover early signs of trouble and keep your hardware, software, and services up-to-date. With appropriate planning, we help ensure that your office is prepared for obsolescence and upgrades. And finally, backups, backups, and backups. Data loss is never acceptable.


We work hard to make the relationship with each client a partnership and now count 4 experienced techs at your service. Call on us!


Headquartered in Oakland California, we service the East Bay Area including Oakland, Berkeley, San Leandro, Orinda, Walnut Creek, Concord and more.

Service List

Maintenance and Repair
IT Consulting
Data Cloud
Cloud Services
Digital Network Cables
Data Recovery
Two Computer Screens

IT for Healthcare Tech Talk

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