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What our clients say:



“They can work on our problems immediately.”
Gary Montrezza and Nicholas Bate
Hospice of the Valley

“We had a few emergency calls and they showed up that day or the next if it was something they couldn’t look into remotely.”
Brunetta Armstrong
Temple Sinai

“We have our tech’s cell phone and I guess they have things set up so that he is in control of his own time. He‘s been responsive.  We like our guy.”
Randy Borden
Borden Lighting



“With our monthly contracted billing we get a discount on the hourly rate, and it is reasonable.”
Jay Rothstein
Cerebral Palsy Center

“You don’t value IT services until you need it.  It is like life insurance.  You hope no one collects. I can’t afford to have my servers down.  It is a good investment.  As finicky as this equipment is, I can’t afford to have something fail because I didn’t do everything I could to keep it from failing…”
Mike Rice
VR Strategies



“What I like about them … I was able to work with them and learn a lot.  They listen to my suggestions as well as me listening to theirs.  That makes a big difference.  Those things have helped a lot, as opposed to someone working on the system and not telling us what was going on.”
Brunetta Armstrong
Temple Sinai

“They can talk Geek to me. I feel we communicate very well with each other. If I don’t understand they explain it very well.”
Marisol Ramos
Formally of the Transportation and Land Use Coalition


Client References:


Cerebral Palsy Center

Non profit care center.  30 plus workstations between offices and labs. Satellite office and self hosted e-mail with MS Exchange.  Most equipment is refurbished donations.  We also help with some operations.

Jay Rothstein http://www.cpcoak.org/


Hospice of the Valley

Non profit hospice and bereavement care provider.  45 plus workstations. . We support an on site tech with a regular site visit, offsite backups, documentation and control and on call emergency assistance and upgrades.

Gary Montrezza  http://www.hospicevalley.org/


Norcal Structural

Small civil engineering firm. Small office in Oakland, engineering office in Karachi, Pakistan.  1 simple high quality server in office. Special 3D rendering workstation, laptop and desktop.  Dedicated FTP server in collocation facility for sharing data with clients and staff in Karachi.

Ali Abbas  http://www.norcalstructural.com/


Temple Sinai

30 odd workstation office spread between administration, synagogue and school.
Small business server (MS 2003) hosting their own e-mail on MS Exchange, web hosting on dedicated small business server.  Membership and accounting databases.

Paul Geduldig  http://oaklandsinai.org/


VR Research

Research and consulting firm. 20 to 30 user system.  Offices in Oakland and Houston. Several working from remote locations. Two principals working from road or small office in DC. All data hosted in Oakland and all work performed via telecommuting, even when staff is in the office. Data backed up to Oakland office daily and Houston office weekly.

Mike Rice  http://www.varogarice.com/



P.O. Box 20299
Oakland, CA, 94609