We are there when you need us.
We are easy to find.

We are computer network experts.
We make them work together

Our customers want to make the most of their computers and get high end support.

Our key focus is the small office from printers to internet
and everything in between.
We also offer data center services

We have been doing what is now called “cloud computing” ever since we started. Call on us to set you up in the cloud, go virtual, or other versions of cloud implementation and get is all backed up.

We provide high value at a reasonable costs.
Support plans are customized to your needs

We collect your old computers for donation
and provide community support

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Office Location:

374 40th Street, Oakland, 94609

(510) 645-1800

We accept most cards:

P.O. Box 20299, Oakland, 94620 (for all mail)

EIN 20-3961069 Cal Corp. # 2846397