IT for Small Businesses & Organizations

We provide high value at a reasonable cost.  Support plans are customized to your needs.
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IT for Non-profit Organizations

We provide solutions to organizations that need to raise money, run and maintain fund-raising software, conferencing, and travel with remote access.
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IT for Manufacturing

Operations that run software that run hardware, those that utilize Computer Numeric Control, and have a on-site Technician familiar enough operate their automation, but not the hardware and software that run it
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IT for Design & Engineering

Those requiring heavy-duty computing, custom-built hardware to run their applications, and local server power to cover what the cloud can not provide. Business types include: designers, architects, engineers
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Simply IT for Small Businesses

Setting up their businesslocal and online to use their business software, accounting, share and backup data and maximize their ability to communicate with those within and outside the office
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IT Services for the East Bay Office

Have a group office setting  with a need for secured data with tiered access, utilize a cloud to office blend of networking, and require remote access to your office? If so, then we are your team. Even though we prepare for it pretty fanatically, we provide pro-active services to AVOID disaster recovery situations in the first place.

Business too small for its own IT department?  We can provide hardware and software support, and remote control service for an office environment of up to 50 personnel. We also specialize in providing sub-contractor services to Interstate-based companies with the IT department located outside of California.

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Highly Rated East Bay Area IT Services

Our Services

Small Office Computer, Wireless, & Remote Networking
Cloud Computing
Providing Cloud Computing Before it Gained that Name
Backup Systems
Data Loss,  Backups, and Data-loss Prevention
Server & Workstations
Setup, Security, Repair and Maintenance 
Mobile Device Support
Laptops, Tablets, Android and iPhone
ISP Setup
Router, Firewalls and Security
Software Services
Operating System & Application Support, Upgrades & Maintenance
Hardware Services
Hardware Support, Upgrades & Maintenance
IT Consulting
IT Consulting & Good Client Services

Our Team

WE try to check voicemail and faxes a couple of times during each work day. If you need to contact us as a new client, to schedule new work or if you need help in a hurry please call the manager, Don on his cell phone at any time.
(510) 290-1200
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